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The  technology  that  Julie  offers  her  clients  is  state  of  the  art.  All   listings  are  serviced  by  Multiple  Listing  Services,  posted  on  the   Internet,  offer  a  virtual  tour  for  prospective  buyers  to  visually  tour  the   home,  and  are  emailed  to  the  top  800  brokers  in  the  area  within  24   hours  of  signing  the  listing  agreement.  All  of  Julie’s  clients’  properties   are  also  posted  on  all  of  her  websites  for  24  hour  access  to  any   internet  browser,  and  full  color  brochures  are  available  and  on  site   within  48  hours.  Of  course,  all  of  the  traditional  listing  services  are   also  offered,  such  as  broker  caravans,  open  houses  and  advertising  in   all  local  papers.   Julie’s  diverse  real  estate  background  affords  her  clients  a  thorough   and  comprehensive  approach  to  the  many  sophisticated  aspects  of   selling  real  estate.  To  broaden  the  array  of  real  estate  services  she   offers  her  clients,  she  is  a  Certified  Auction  Specialist,  familiar  with   the  advantages  and  logistics  of  selling  or  buying  at  auction.  She   earned  the  eCertified®  designation  to  refine  her  technological  and  “e-­‐ based”  business  skills,  which  are  increasingly  necessary  to  service   emerging  markets  and  the  changing  needs  of  today’s  online   consumer.     A  consistent  award  winner  for  her  sales  production  since  she  entered   the  business  as  a  Realtor,  Julie  has  enjoyed  a  successful  career  as  a   result  of  her  commitment  to  providing  her  clients  with  professional   representation  and  expert  negotiating  skills.  She  also  credits  her   former  clients  for  driving  her  success,  because  repeat  customers  and   referrals  have  generated  the  majority  of  her  business.